Research at the Weill Cornell Breast Center, headed by Dr. Linda Vahdat, Professor of Medicine, in the Department of Medicine and Director of the Breast Cancer Research Program is characterized by three components whose overarching theme is to improve the care of women diagnosed with breast cancer. These three programs are highly intertwined from a patient care and laboratory perspective. These three programs are 1) Clinical Trials (phase I to III treatment trials), 2) Supportive care (includes survivorship program, and 3) Biology of Breast Cancer- (includes laboratory programs).

In our Clinical Trials Program we have a palette of trials- heavily weighted on early phase II trials for all types of breast cancer. This includes new cytotoxics, biologics and immunologic agents.

Our Supportive Care program is highlighted by translational collaborative projects with Rockefeller University and the Hospital for Special Surgery to understand peripheral neuropathy and aromatase inhibitor associated arthralgias and myalgias.

In the Biology of Breast Cancer component of our research program we continue with collaborations with several laboratories here at Cornell and at Rockefeller University mostly geared toward increasing our understanding of the process of metastasis.

As a program, we have been instrumental in the development of ixabepilone (a new drug approved in breast cancer 10/07) and now eribulin which will likely be the next drug approved in breast cancer. We are also the Principal Investigator site for several new compounds which look great in early studies.

Our goal is to offer the most cutting edge therapies and treatments to our patients. For more information on the Breast Cancer Research Program, or to find out if you are eligible to enroll in a study, please contact the Medical Oncology Practice at the Weill Cornell Breast Center by calling 212-821-0644.

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